RV rear view camera uses phone as mirror

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The article below by Alfred Stokes shows how a rear  view camera can now allow motorist to see what is behind their RV using a smartphone.  This amazing new technology offers yet another example of more safe driving for motorists.

RV Rear View Camera Uses Your Phone As A Rear View Mirror

Our mission: Improve travel trailer towing safety at an affordable price by enabling owners to use their smartphone as a rear view mirror.

As Airstream travel trailer owners, my wife and I travel quite a lot. One of the safety concerns we and many other travel trailer owners have is our inability to see what's behind our trailer while driving and backing. The auto or truck rear view mirror becomes useless when towing a trailer, especially a long one. Even side mirrors leave the driver with a blind spot immediately behind the trailer. This creates a danger when braking rapidly or changing lanes. 

In an effort to solve this problem, we hit upon the idea of using an IP camera to wirelessly transmit live streaming video from a the trailer rear window to our iPhone. With assistance from an electrical engineer and computer geek, we were able to solve the problems associated with transmitting a high quality, full motion image to the iPhone positioned on the tow vehicle windshield 35-50 feet away. As our video demonstrates, it works great! We have had many RVers asking when we'll have a system that will accommodate their Droid or Samsung phone.We've proven our system works with iPhones 5 & 6 and have sold these systems for the past two months. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/354106837/rv-rear-view-camera-uses-your-phone-as-a-rear-view


As this article shows the rear view camera technology is living up its promise to deliver more and more safety features to vehicles enabling safer road conditions.  The ability to use your Iphone with this system is truly amazing. 


Back up Sensors and Rear View Cameras

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Rear view cameras can illiminate blind spots behind vehicles.  It illiminates the need to turn around in the seat to view what is behind.  The technology also enables these cameras with night vision.  Particularly large vehicles like SUV's, Trucks and vans can benefit tremendously by the illimination af large blind spots behind them. The article below describes them.


Back Up Sensors and Cameras


"Review the problem of rollover injuries and deaths that are caused by the large rear view blind sport that large SUVs and minivans have and what you can do to keep your kids safe in your driveway. Blind spot mirrors can be helpful when back up up, but a well-placed camera can effectively eliminate blind spots. These cameras are also easier to use, since the video display is often located in the dash. That's especially helpful for people who have limited mobility, which can make it difficult for them to physically turn around to check blind spots.

Most blind spot cameras use fisheye lenses, which allow them to provide a very wide angle view behind a vehicle. Fisheye lenses aren't very good at picking up distant objects, but that's not an issue for purpose-built back up cameras. Some blind spot cameras also have a built-in light or a night vision function so they can be used in the dark

" http://cartech.about.com/od/Safety/a/Back-Up-Sensors-And-Rear-View-Cameras.htm

 By  – Car Tech Expert


If your car is not equiped with one of these cameras, it might be worth your while to investigate the installation of one.  Amazon.com can expose you to a wide selection if you click on the ad below.

License Plate Rear Camera
Night Vision (black and white), High Definition, and Wide View Angles
Size: 9.8" x 1.2" x 1.6"; Color: Black
Compatible with: NTSC & PAL. Camera displays in color during the day and black/white at night.
Package Contents: 1 x Camera, 1 x Power Cable, 1 x Video Extension Cable.



Rear view camera makes driving easy

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Backing up a vehicle into a parking space or out of a driveway can be a difficult thing to do.  Especially if kids are around or traffic awaits you at the end of the driveway or exit of some kind.  The article below points our how easy driving becomes if you have a rear view camera installed in your vehicle

Car rear view camera makes driving easy | Car Rear View Camera

“A car rear view camera has the capability of making driving easy using different methods. The first method that one can use the camera is when they are reversing. Reversing a car has always been a challenge to both experienced and beginner drivers. However, with the use of the rear view camera, one can be able to have an easier time when they are reversing. They can use the camera to view blind spot that they cannot see with the rear view mirror and the side mirrors. This being the case, the car rear view camera makes it easier for a person to reverse when they are parking or backing out of a parking lot.

Article Source:http://rear-view-camera.net/car-rear-view-camera-makes-driving-easy/

Easy driving really becomes easy driving with the assistance of a rear view camera install on your vehicle. Check out the ad below to begin evaluating this camera technology that not only will make driving easy but also safer for you and pedestrians  Want a huge selection of cameras to choose from?  Click here for this site


Built-in 3.5-inch monitor–no need to have an another dash-mounted monitor
New swivel camera with wide view angle and weatherproof housing
Standby with auto on mode when camera is on
Camera mounts to license plate and causes no interference with information on plate
Installs on any vehicle in minutes

Rear view cameras for your Truck, RV, or Bus

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Larger vehicles like trucks, RV's,  and buses are more vulnerable to back over accidents than smaller cars.  That's why rear view cameras are needed more than on smaller autos.  This article by  "Murry Fisher from Rear View Safety" illustrates why.

The Best of Rear View Safety's RV Backup Camera Reviews Summarized! | Backup Camera HQ


"Rear View Safety is an industry leader when it comes to customer service, and we have summarised rv rear view camera reviews from all over the web, and have found Rear View Safety has one of the best products on the market! And that’s exactly what you’re about to learn how to do, so read on…

Almost every driver that I know (present company included) has had those kinds of mornings. It doesn’t matter if you’re driving a pickup truck, Bus or an RV.

Inevitably, you’re going to be faced with having to backup blind, crossing your fingers and praying that you will not take out someone else’s car or worse…

However, the solution is simple. You need a rear backup camera system installed on your RV." http://bluetoothbackupcamera.com/rv-backup-camera-reviews/


600 TVL CCD HD Camera
.05 LUX Min. Illumination
180 Degree Viewing Angle
Over 150 Units Sold On Amazon To Date / Perfect 100 Seller Score… Buy With Confidence!






It won't be long befor the US government  will require a rear view camera is installed on all new cars by 2018.  However, you don't have to wait.  You can install an after market camera system on your vehicle today


Hidden Camera Uses

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Using a hidden camera in your home or business can go a long way toward making you more secure in many different ways.  At home or at work they can provide a very useful extra eye on many aspects of living.  The article I found by, David Artman, illustrates many handy things a camera of this type can do for you.

Hidden Camera Uses Know No Bounds | Our Home Security Blog

Home security to catch people breaking into your home. This wall Clock Hidden Camera can fit into any situation, be it home, office or business. It has a viewing angle of 72 degrees which covers just about any normal size room. It can stream video to your smart phone which might allow you to actually catch burglars committing the crime if you act fast enough.

  • Nanny cameras-to keep an eye on a babysitter or nanny watching over your children. Here is an example of a hidden camera Catching Child Abuse. Child abuse is one of the more difficult crimes to catch and prove. As you know, most children are prone to exaggeration, so it’s easy for the caregiver-either a nanny or a babysitter-to discredit any allegation of abuse. A hidden camera can provide irrefutable evidence of this crime being committed and as a bonus, can act as a security camera catching those same people stealing from you-robbing your liquor cabinet or stealing your jewelry.
  • Catch cheating employees stealing from you at your business. This is an example of an Employee Stealing Loot from a business. Business owners and managers cannot be at the store all the time so a hidden camera offers you the opportunity to have an extra set of eyes on your business and catch employees stealing from you. Employee theft is a big problem for business owners. Having a hidden camera is one way to slow it down, if not stop it altogether.
  • Catch cheating spouses in acts of infidelity. This is one of the top two or three uses of a hidden camera. Private investigators would go out of business if they did not have jobs for clients concerned about their partner’s fidelity. Because of the X-rated content of examples of hidden cameras catching cheating spouses, we are not showing them. But suffice it to say, infidelity is also difficult to prove. That is one reason why private investigators stay in business.
  • Catch elder abuse in the act. This is an example of a hidden camera Catching Elder Abuse. This is also a difficult crime to prove because so many patients have Alzheimer’s or dementia which means they cannot remember what happened to them. As the population of the country continues to age, more seniors are going into nursing homes.



So maybe you can benefit from this technology to make it safer in your home or business.  Particularly for keeping an eye on a child or senior family member to detect abusive behavior.


How helpfull are rear view cameras

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There are those that don’t think a rear view camera is all that helpful. Well, there are many instances where relying on rear view mirrors are completly inadequatae for providing the view of what is behind your vehicle when backing up. The article below from “The Safe Driver” points our some of these instances.

an image of backup%20camera%20for%20trucks backup camera

How helpful are reverse cameras? | The Safe Driver

“For some drivers, they rely on the rear camera for all of their backing skills. This isn’t really a good idea. The rear view camera can only show you the rear of the vehicle. The problem is that danger from behind doesn’t always originate from the rear; it can also come from the sides. By the time you spot the pedestrian behind you, it could be too late. The best thing to do while reversing is to shift in your seat so you’re sitting slightly on your hip and then look over your shoulder out the rear window. This will allow you to use your peripheral or fringe vision to spot any pedestrian coming from the side of your vehicle and is about to walk behind your vehicle.

For the driver who prefers to use their rear view mirror to reverse, I have two words for you; stop it. Using the rear view mirror to reverse does pretty much the same as a rear view camera, but with even less of a view. If your body won’t allow you to shift and look over your shoulder, you are allowed to take off your seatbelt while backing; in most jurisdictions. By doing so, you’ll have better mobility to see straight out the rear window. Your fringe vision will spot any pedestrian, including kids, who may be heading for the rear of your vehicle.”

Source:  http://safedriving.wordpress.com/2012/01/24/how-helpful-are-reverse-cameras/


Surely there is enough evidence availble to convince anyone that the safety that a rear view camera provides is invaluable. If your car is not equiped with one I encourage you to research the possibliity of getting one for your vehicle at www.rearviewcameracenter.com

Security camera systems for homeowners

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More and more people are going to cameras of some sort to protect themselves and feel more secure.  The cost has gone down tremendously making a camera system more affordable for homeowners as the article below describes:

Security camera systems becoming more affordable for homeowners | Local News – Home

“Security camera options more affordable for homeowners WICHITA, Kan. – Too often, we wish we had cameras around our homes after something was stolen. But now, they’re getting more affordable and sellers say people are being proactive. It used to cost thousands of dollars, but now you can get cameras for less than $20 and alarm systems for only a nearly $200. It’s allowing more people to keep an eye on their property. For Rocky Black, surveillance cameras came at the perfect time. Earlier in the week, a man got out of his car, in broad daylight, and grabbed packages off Black’s porch. “Very bold just to stop walk up to the front porch and grab packages off it,” says Black. “Luckily, I had a camera system and hopefully someone will recognize this guy.”””


As more and more homeowners get some type of security camera for their homes, security seems more plausible. The cost is going down and as a result more people are finding them affordable. for more information try this.

an image of security%20camera television camera