RV rear view camera uses phone as mirror

December 4, 2014 Category :Uncategorized 0

The article below by Alfred Stokes shows how a rear  view camera can now allow motorist to see what is behind their RV using a smartphone.  This amazing new technology offers yet another example of more safe driving for motorists.

RV Rear View Camera Uses Your Phone As A Rear View Mirror

Our mission: Improve travel trailer towing safety at an affordable price by enabling owners to use their smartphone as a rear view mirror.

As Airstream travel trailer owners, my wife and I travel quite a lot. One of the safety concerns we and many other travel trailer owners have is our inability to see what's behind our trailer while driving and backing. The auto or truck rear view mirror becomes useless when towing a trailer, especially a long one. Even side mirrors leave the driver with a blind spot immediately behind the trailer. This creates a danger when braking rapidly or changing lanes. 

In an effort to solve this problem, we hit upon the idea of using an IP camera to wirelessly transmit live streaming video from a the trailer rear window to our iPhone. With assistance from an electrical engineer and computer geek, we were able to solve the problems associated with transmitting a high quality, full motion image to the iPhone positioned on the tow vehicle windshield 35-50 feet away. As our video demonstrates, it works great! We have had many RVers asking when we'll have a system that will accommodate their Droid or Samsung phone.We've proven our system works with iPhones 5 & 6 and have sold these systems for the past two months. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/354106837/rv-rear-view-camera-uses-your-phone-as-a-rear-view


As this article shows the rear view camera technology is living up its promise to deliver more and more safety features to vehicles enabling safer road conditions.  The ability to use your Iphone with this system is truly amazing.